Store Info & Trade Policy

Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat 9a-7p


Our Pricing and Trade Policy


  • New Books are 25% off cover price excluding Textbooks/Scientific Journals.
  • We would be happy to find a book for you new if it is in print and in most cases will be able to offer 25% off your Special Order.
  • Used Books are 1/2 off cover price, unless marked with a “Village Book Price” tag. Books with a cover price of $.50 or less will be priced at $.50
  • Trade Credit is 25% of cover price on Mass Market Paperbacks. (Hardbacks and Trade Paper do not have a set percentage for credit given.)
  • Trade Credit is only good on used books.
  • Trade Credit good for 1 YEAR from the issue date.
  • We will give 25% of the book’s original publisher’s price in store credit.  Credit extended on Hardcover and Non-Fiction will be based on ½ of our selling price. Credit is tracked and kept on file. Credit has no cash value.
  • Credit may be applied towards the purchase of used books at the rate of 1/2 credit, 1/2 cash/check/debit or credit card. For example: if a cover price is $8.00, the price in our store is $4.00, you may use $2.00 credit and $2.00 cash/check/debit or credit card.
  • Hardcover books (Fiction) will be accepted within 24 months of publication.  Hardcover Non-Fiction is not held to that standard.
  • Credit may not be applied to new books, special orders, CDs, DVDs, Journals or other store merchandise.
  • We will accept your gently used books during our business hours. We DO NOT accept reader digest books, text books, or any books in poor condition. Books accepted are at the discretion of the book store representative.
  • We are happy to accept two (2) grocery sacks or one equivalent sized box of books

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