Book Review by Becky – The Training House: Girl by Eden Bradley

The Training House: Girl by Eden Bradley

Every once in a while you have an author that stretches themselves into something just a bit different. There’s a moment when you start reading this new direction that you hope for the best, but wonder if it will hold to the standard of previous works. It was with this in mind that I started The Training House: Girl by Eden Bradley. Now let me take a moment to tell you that this is not your standard romance, nor is it an erotic romance. This is literary erotica not for the faint of heart along the lines of The Story of O by Pauline Reage, The Sleeping Beauty Series by A. N. Roquelaure, or the works of Anais Nin.

Holy fluffy bunnies Batman! The writing is exquisite, encapsulating the reader in the experience of ultimate submission as Girl discovers herself at The Training House. This is not a romance in the traditional sense, but it is a love story. Girl, through the view of a single character, is a literary love note to the kink community. By the same token it is also an open invitation into understanding the group psyche of the community itself and an invitation to discovery without judgment. While portions of the narrative may be uncomfortable for some readers at times the underlying depth of beauty and truth throughout the story is phenomenal. I would highly encourage readers to go to the author’s website via this to read the contract, which is also the prologue to the book, and if you find yourself longing for more click as fast as you can to  the button above this that says Buy Books & E-books  for your copy of Girl. (Or just click this handy link to take you right there  The Training House: Girl !)

– Becky
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