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Young……..Christian Young

Hi there! My name is Christian Young, and I’m joining the blog team here at Village Books!

I’m a local author with a novella and several short stories under my belt (check out for more info) as well as a fairly voracious reader. My tastes run broad: I enjoy traditionally published fiction and non-fiction, as well as what might politely be called “unauthorized media property spin-off fiction” (or, less euphemistically, fanfiction). My usual fare is urban fantasy, European history, philosophy and religion, and LGBTQ and paranormal romance, but I’ll happily read just about anything in the name of science. Feel free to let me know if you’re passionate about something and think I should give it a read!

As for what I hope to bring to the blog, I’ll be sharing reviews, recommendations, and other goodies. If nothing else, consider me that friend-of-a-friend who shows up to the party with a bottle of absinthe and winds up in the pool by the end of the night.

Here’s to a good read!

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