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Ollie, Ollie Hex n’ Free by Liz Schulte

Liz Schulte,  one of Columbia’s more prolific writers returns this month with yet another entry in the Easy Bake Coven Series.  Be sure to drop by the store and pick up a copy today.
In the matter of a week Selene Warren will either have everything she has ever wanted or lose it all. Married to the man she loves with a child on the way, life should be going as planned. But as the election and her due date draw near, a dark witch rises up and threatens Selene’s happiness. The evil spirit possessing Jessica has made its move against them. Coming after Selene in public way, they can no longer keep the past hidden from the fae even if it means losing the election. Riddled with doubt and flagging strength, she will have to depend on her friends to defeat the witch—or not only will she lose her life, but her child as well.


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