The Write Stuff

To write or not to write that is the question-Whether ’tis Nobler in mind to suffer the slings and arrows from my own outrageous writing, or to be prepared to take refuge from those wishing to break my fingers and keep me from ever writing again.

And by re-writing something that was and still is very good into my own “Frankenstein’s Monster” there is now intangible proof why I am far wittier and funnier in my head than on paper.   Never having been tested for the elusive “writer gene” I will just go ahead and admit to not having the Write Stuff.

You see, over the weekend we had the pleasure of hosting a book signing with local author Marlene Lee.  A very sweet lovely woman who kindly chided me for not writing and working through my issues like I should.   How am I ever going to make my narrative consistent, or develop a character that you might want to spend 10 minutes with?  We’re not even scratching the surface of why all of my story lines are either pretentious or delivered with the ham-fisted style of an out of work WWE wrestler with a bad back and an attitude to match.

Practice she said.  Write more she said.  Practice makes perfect.  Wait!  She didn’t say that, that was something my Mother would say.  Look at this as an exercise in character building.  Followed quickly with a this too shall pass.  Bollocks I say!  Let’s let the writer’s write and the readers read.  Until then I will be in my toy box reading comics with a flashlight.

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