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How to Read EPUB files on your Kindle—– SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

Since we started selling Ebooks on our website we are constantly asked, “Can I download it to my Kindle?”  And our answer goes something like this, “….<nervous eye twitches>….sure…..yes. Yes, Yes it can.  You just download it to your computer and then transfer the files.”

Okay let’s take a moment for a confessional before we get completely out of control.  We don’t know.   Becky owns a KOBO reader and I barely get along with anything more complex than a 1950s Royal Typewriter.

But we really don’t know.

You know?

So before you judge us and send us off for a long sentence on Saint Helena let us try to figure this whole thing out.

Ebook Conversion, a free conversion site,  is one of the most popular sites on the Net when it comes to converting EPUB to the Kindle’s MOBI files.  The site is pretty straight forward even for me, and that is saying something.  It is a simple two step method to convert the files.



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  1. Another good “manager” for ebooks is Calibre. I have a Nook and have used it to convert ebooks from Kindle so I can read them. It does conversions, and is a good way to simply keep track of ebooks from various sources.

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