Stop! Drop! Roll! Into… R.G. Alexander

Stop! Drop! Roll! Into…

Often people ask what we’re reading. What’s hot? What’s exciting? Who is someone new to try? This lead in is where you’ll get some of those answers. So stop what you’re doing, drop everything that is going on in your life, and roll into these books/authors/subgenres if you want to know what is lighting our fires!

We are soon going to be able to sell e-books through our website! (Small break for Doug & Becky to do The Dance of The Happy Booksellers.) What does this mean for you? Well part of this means a whole new world of recommendations, and I’m going to jump the gun to start just a bit early.

If you’re a fan of erotic romance you should be reading R.G. Alexander. Now let me stop here for a moment to clarify. If you do not like: funny heroes and heroines; adventurous intimate relations; or really hot sexy fun then these are not the books for you. However if you’ve always wanted to be on a dating show with superhero, be ravished by a sexy guy possessed by a voodoo spirit (possibly with his friend there and yours watching), or be a part of a magical menage these will be your cup of tea.

Hitting all points from contemporary settings to fantastical worlds R.G. Alexander has published books in print from Berkley, Ellora’s Cave, and Samhain as well as e-books. I stumbled upon Wicked Sexy, the first book in the Wicked Series, and fell in love with two sexy, magical brothers that were courting the ‘human’ girl of both of their childhood dreams while setting a sting for a killer. From that book on I was reeled into her worlds and her words.

From werewolves to vampires, bikers to bondage, her books reflect a sly sense of humor packed around a hot sexy center with an underlying layer of love. These are books that turn up the heat while touching the heart. Also I have to say that I’ve had a very Merry Christmas the last few years reading the Kinky Christmas Carol box set from R.G. and fellow Smutketeers Eden Bradley & Robin L. Rotham. (It beats the dickens out of Dickens!)

So stop, drop what you’re reading, and roll on into the store to talk about which series you want me to order for you first. I think you’ll fall in love with R.G. Alexander as well.

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  1. Wonderful that this bookstore is offering this for their customers. Once a person finds the genre that is meant for them, then the books or ebooks for that matter will be wide open for their minds to discover.

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