Ollie, Ollie Hex n’ Free by Liz Schulte

Liz Schulte,  one of Columbia’s more prolific writers returns this month with yet another entry in the Easy Bake Coven Series.  Be sure to drop by the store and pick up a copy today.
In the matter of a week Selene Warren will either have everything she has ever wanted or lose it all. Married to the man she loves with a child on the way, life should be going as planned. But as the election and her due date draw near, a dark witch rises up and threatens Selene’s happiness. The evil spirit possessing Jessica has made its move against them. Coming after Selene in public way, they can no longer keep the past hidden from the fae even if it means losing the election. Riddled with doubt and flagging strength, she will have to depend on her friends to defeat the witch—or not only will she lose her life, but her child as well.



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Sheriff Sarah’s Comin’ Back to Town

She’s Back!

That’s right everyone there are people who actually are willing to come back for a second signing! (Actually to be fair there are more than a few, which is all do to you, our wonderful customers.)

Saturday, October 4th from Noon – 2 pm

we’re welcoming back Sarah M. Anderson.

We're not making fun of the hat, we promise! ;)
Sarah’s Signing in March 2014

Winner of RT Reviewer’s Choice Best Desire of 2012 for A Man of Privilege she has a special place as a contemporary western writer. As a writer for both Harlequin and Samhain Publishing she has quite the reach for her cowboys with kick as well as intriguing Lakota Indians. Her latest series in the Desire line, The Beaumont Heirs, debuts with September release Not the Boss’s Baby.

September 2014 Desire Release
September 2014 Desire Release

What the boss wants…

As the oldest son, Chadwick Beaumont has sacrificed everything for the Beaumonts’ company, but he swore he’d never follow in his father’s philandering footsteps. So, for years, he’s dutifully kept his distance from the temptation outside his office door—his beautiful secretary Serena Chase.

But now everything has changed. The family business is in jeopardy. His personal life is in shambles. And his sexy assistant is suddenly single…and flirting. Chadwick is tired of doing what’s expected. It’s time for him to go after what he wants. And what he wants is Serena—even if she’s expecting another man’s child.

And don’t forget the Men of the White Sandy in print!

Mystic CowboyMasked Cowboy

All Shades of Every Color You Can Imagine

By Becky Asher

There is a book for everyone. This is one of those things that I have always held as a truth. The down side is that not everyone will like the same book. As a bookseller I’ve also found it a truth that the sales of a book increase when it crosses out to expand beyond the printed medium. All of this leads up to “Oh my lands! It’s another wave of 50 Shades of Grey with the movie coming out.”

Like it, love it, or lump it one of the things that 50 Shades did was get us talking about sexuality in an open format again, and particularly in terms of literature. Mind you there were some really good books to induce conversation before and have been since the release of Ms. James book. We also have no problem helping you find all of these and more. This might, however, involve a bit of discussion. Please do not feel that we will judge any kind of conversation, we’re not those people. The bookseller’s creed is much like that of a pastor, doctor, or bartender… actually probably more like the latter, but the moral of the story is that we hear it all.

To help ease our way into these discussions allow me to relate to you a bit of personal experience. There was a lovely line of more erotic fiction coming out of England in the mid to late 90s from Virgin Publishing named Black Lace. (Virgin Publishing was brought into the UK division of Random House fold in 2007 so there have been reissues of most of their titles in other lines since.) I loved the Black Lace line. My Aunt loved the Black Lace line. We would talk about different books on occasion comparing favorites, sharing suggestions, and recapping certain scenes. This worked out really well for us until she brought up a scene in public… on Thanksgiving… with my father sitting between us and my grandmother, her mother, sitting opposite us. Not cool! Now to be fair she didn’t mention a title, author, or go into great detail about the scene. (Thank goodness.) Also I have to admit now that all three of those people have passed it is a fond, and funny, memory of mine. Still not so much at the time. So if I can get through that then you can talk to me as openly as you like about what draws you to any type of book.

Actually that is always one of the places where I start with recommendation because the Black Lace books had some of my favorite authors. Emma Holly wrote several books for them, all fantastic, but when it comes to more of a D/s relationship I would recommend Velvet Glove and Top of Her Game. Lucinda Carrington wins for having numbers in her title first in my book for Ninety Days of Genevieve.

Books published by more recent authors would include the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day, really anything of Maya Banks that happens to be in a trade paperback is more on the sensual side, Olivia Cunning for hot rockstars, J. Kenner, Meredith Wild, Shayla Black, Mari Carr, Lauren Dane, and Christina Lauren.

I’d also single out by title Opal Carew’s His to Possess,

which like 90 Days of Genevieve, is (ahem) a book where there is a work relationship involved

The Ninety Days of Genevieve
She wants His business, he wants her.

and The Professional by Kresley Cole, which a friend of mine read several times in a row before being able to put it down.

In addition I would recommend the Smutketeers (R.G. Alexander, Eden Bradley, and Robin L. Rotham), not only because many of their books fall into this genre, but also because they are a group of authors dedicated to promoting a positive view of female sexuality.


Sometimes membership can be dangerously delicious

Eden Bradley was recently a guest on the podcast The Stylish Entrepreneur talking about her writing and the importance of having discussions openly about sexuality are to us as culture. (Here’s a quick link http://www.thestylishentrepreneur.com/009-eden-bradley-becoming-erotic-romance-author/ )

There is a book for you. We would like to help you find it, and in doing so maybe help you find a bit of yourself, a bit of your personal truth.

The Write Stuff

To write or not to write that is the question-Whether ’tis Nobler in mind to suffer the slings and arrows from my own outrageous writing, or to be prepared to take refuge from those wishing to break my fingers and keep me from ever writing again.

And by re-writing something that was and still is very good into my own “Frankenstein’s Monster” there is now intangible proof why I am far wittier and funnier in my head than on paper.   Never having been tested for the elusive “writer gene” I will just go ahead and admit to not having the Write Stuff.

You see, over the weekend we had the pleasure of hosting a book signing with local author Marlene Lee.  A very sweet lovely woman who kindly chided me for not writing and working through my issues like I should.   How am I ever going to make my narrative consistent, or develop a character that you might want to spend 10 minutes with?  We’re not even scratching the surface of why all of my story lines are either pretentious or delivered with the ham-fisted style of an out of work WWE wrestler with a bad back and an attitude to match.

Practice she said.  Write more she said.  Practice makes perfect.  Wait!  She didn’t say that, that was something my Mother would say.  Look at this as an exercise in character building.  Followed quickly with a this too shall pass.  Bollocks I say!  Let’s let the writer’s write and the readers read.  Until then I will be in my toy box reading comics with a flashlight.

Local Author — Hadena James

One of the truly enjoyable part of our job is putting a book in a reader’s hand that was not expected and yet loved all the same.  Our job gets even better when that book comes from a local author.  In a summer filled with great books, Hadena James keeps that trend going with Explosive Dreams, the 4th book in the Dreams & Reality series.  With her 5th book in the series, Cannibal Dreams coming out August 31st in e-book it might be time to check out this ongoing series of Aislinn Cain and the Serial Crimes Tracking Unit.

The next time you are in the store be sure to ask about her books.  Also available in ebook on our online store.


and then drop by her website


How to Read EPUB files on your Kindle—– SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

Since we started selling Ebooks on our website we are constantly asked, “Can I download it to my Kindle?”  And our answer goes something like this, “….<nervous eye twitches>….sure…..yes. Yes, Yes it can.  You just download it to your computer and then transfer the files.”

Okay let’s take a moment for a confessional before we get completely out of control.  We don’t know.   Becky owns a KOBO reader and I barely get along with anything more complex than a 1950s Royal Typewriter.

But we really don’t know.

You know?

So before you judge us and send us off for a long sentence on Saint Helena let us try to figure this whole thing out.

Ebook Conversion, a free conversion site,  is one of the most popular sites on the Net when it comes to converting EPUB to the Kindle’s MOBI files.  The site is pretty straight forward even for me, and that is saying something.  It is a simple two step method to convert the files.




Lori Robinett – Author Signing

Local Author Lori Robinett will be stopping by Village Books Saturday,  Aug 9th from noon to 2 p to sign copies of her new book, Denim & Diamonds.

Attorney Beth Jameson might know her way around the courtroom, but doesn’t know a cutting horse from a carousel horse. That doesn’t slow her down when her estranged father dies and leaves her his horse ranch just south of Kansas City. True to form, the gift comes with strings attached – she has to be successful in her first year, or she loses her inheritance. All of it. Beau, the handsome ranch foreman, was her father’s right hand man, but she must convince him that she’s in it for the long haul – that she isn’t just some city girl that doesn’t respect her father’s legacy. She has to learn the business from the ground up, and must learn to trust others – not an easy thing for a woman who was abandoned by her father and then by her ex-fiancé. Beth can’t believe how quickly the ranch becomes home, and how hard she is willing to work to make it hers . . . and learns that everyone deserves a second chance at happiness

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